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  • Keemala’s Commitment to Environmental and Ethical Practices

    A large part of our overall brand and design concept is respect for the environment and to cultivate practices that have less impact for our planet overall. Wherever possible and continually we are seeking to use techniques to lessen our carbon footprint through the following best practices:

    • Every villa has its own water treatment system. The quality of the treated water that is released back to the environment is in line or even exceeds the government standard.
    • To ensure the quality of the treated water, it is analyzed in a laboratory monthly.
    • The efficiency of water heating system is carefully selected to reduce electrical energy loss.
    • Methane that is released from the waste management system is directed into the ground to reduce ‘greenhouse effect’ that the gas would have released into the air.
    • Waste and rubbish is classified and treated efficiently including recycling and other methods.
    • Water circulation of the natural water stream, pond and other water resources is implemented to increase level of oxygen.
    • Greywater is reused to water the gardens and landscape.
    • We’ve reduced usage of natural materials, for example wood, by using environmental friendly synthetic material instead to help prevent further deforestation and other environmental impact including release of CO2 as a result of materials transportation.
    • In an effort to reduce plastic waste, only glass-bottled water is provided in the villas, paper straws are used instead of plastic straws, and as much as possible packaging for toiletries are made of cloth materials and recycled paper.
    • The design has been carefully considered to protect existing ecosystem. Contours, soil, trees and natural water resources are kept either in their original form or have been utilised with minimal change.
    • Keemala offers no high buildings that affect natural landscape and ruin the views of the mountainside.
    • The building design using glass to increase natural daylight to reduce the need of synthetic lighting.
    • Water plants treat the stream, waterfall and other natural water resources naturally. They act like natural water filtration system and fill more oxygen into water. As a result, the water is clear, clean, and require fewer chemicals.
    • Guest amenities and spa products used are 100% natural, paraben-free and not tested on animals. We used products by Siam Botanitals, VOYA and SpaRitual.
    • Keemala’s Enchanted Garden grows organic herbs and vegetables used in our kitchen and spa. We also engage guests in our ‘Natural Lifestyle’ concept through a weekly complimentary schedule of activities including such experiences as garden tour, cooking class, extracting aloe vera, folding pandan leaves, yoga, tai chi, meditation and more.
    • Through Keemala’s ‘Anti-Animal Exploitation Policy’, guests are encouraged to visit and engage in tourism activities that do not use animals for entertainment, but rather experience ethical animal tourism and cultural tourism experiences on offer in Phuket. We do not sell tickets or accept commissions for tours and shows that exploit animals, such as elephant rides and shows, tiger shows, and dolphin shows.
    • Fabrics and textiles used at Keemala are produced by ethnic minority groups in Thailand under the Doi Tung Development Project, by the royal patronage of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The Project has successfully developed sustainable alternative livelihoods for these populations to combat illicit crop cultivation.
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      Onsite Rescued Animals

      Guests can meet Keemala’s resident water buffalo and learn about their daily routine and significance in Thai culture. Born in Phattalung Province in Southern Thailand, the buffalo was rescued from the slaughterhouse and now makes his permanent home at Keemala. We also have baby goats, ducks, peacocks and chickens, all rescued or donated to Keemala.

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      Organic Herbs

      The enchanted garden is full of naturally grown fruit, vegetables, and herbs are harvested and used within Keemala’s dining outlets and spa. These ingredients are an essential part of our Healthy Living concept and no chemically based pesticides or fertilizers are used. Plants at Keemala are grown in a natural and loving environment.

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      Ethical Eating

      Veganism and vegetarianism isn’t for everyone, but at Keemala we offer delicious food for those who are avoiding or reducing their intake of meat for environmental or compassionate reasons. We have a heavy focus on ethical eating in our menus.