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Keemala Hotel Phuket
Keemala Hotel Phuket
Keemala Hotel Phuket

Ancient wellness practices and traditional rituals instill a sense of harmony. Begin the day with sunrise yoga and guided meditation; explore the art of folding lotus flowers, and fresh pandan potpourri.


The word yoga is derived from the Sankrit word “yuj,” which means to unite or integrate. Yoga s about much more than stretching for increased flexibility. Proper yoga practice involves precise breathing techniques, postures, and meditation. Studying yoga helps balance the body and mind, enabling a natural state of health.

Personal Fitness Training

Keemala offers customized one-on-one, or small group fitness instruction. Our instructor will analyze health history, fitness goals, and current lifestyle to formulate a comprehensive exercise program for each guest’s specific needs. The first personal training session includes a body composition measurement and fitness evaluation. Personal fitness training is a great way to kick-start a positive exercise routine.

Aqua Fitness

Exercising in the water effectively tones and sculpts the body, while building cardiovascular fitness, with reducing the strain on joints and muscles. The nature of aqua fitness makes it a great form of rehabilitative exercise, especially for any guests recovering from injuries. Light resistance is sometimes employed, using buoyant water weights and ‘noodles.’

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is an ancient martial art established and practiced by Thai warriors. The first known categorization of Muay Thai as a sport was in the 15th century, when organized competitions took place throughout the kingdom of Thailand. Muay Thai is an extremely effective method of fitness training that features total body strengthening, fat burning, increased mental alertness, and emotional balance.