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  • What Phuket Offers Other Than Beaches

    Phuket is known across the world for its beaches. However, maybe you are not much of a beach lover, and you wonder if there are any other fun things to do in Phuket. Well, definitely. You can visit Phuket and enjoy other things aside from its long stretch of sand and crystal clear waters. Here are some suggestions:


    1. Phuket FantaSea


    Phuket FantaSea is a Thai cultural theme park, the first of its kind in the world. It is an entertainment park with lots of activities centered on Thai culture and tradition. You can also find elaborate shows with elephants, animal exhibits, and shopping.


    2. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary


    Your visit to Thailand will not be complete without seeing or interacting with the elephants. This animal is one of the country’s symbol. In Phuket, there are elephant sanctuaries that you can visit, such as the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. It is a sanctuary for the retired working elephants, located in a 30-acre tropical jungle. You can see the elephants up close and interact with them.


    3. Phuket waterfalls


    If you more on the adventurous side, trekking will be perfect for you when you go to Phuket. The island has several waterfalls for you to visit. Bang Pae, Ton Sai, and Kathu are the three most popular waterfalls on the island. Some may be difficult to trek, but that’s why it becomes more adventurous.


    4. Water rafting and ATV


    Aside from the waterfalls and animal sanctuaries, you can explore the jungle by doing water rafting and riding an ATV. These activities can satisfy your adventure cravings and make you see and appreciate Phuket’s amazing scenery and wildlife.


    5. Flying hanuman


    Level up your adventurous nature by trying out flying hanuman. It is a zipline adventure that will make you feel what it’s like to fly like a bird and swing in the jungle like Tarzan.


    6. Chalong Bay Rum Distillery


    Take a tour at Chalong Bay Rum Distillery, which produces high-end rum. You will learn about how rum is produced and witness what happens behind the scenes. The tour also includes a cocktail workshop and bar, where you get to learn how to mix cocktails using Chalong Bay Rum. Of course, you got to try them as well!


    7. Phuket Town weekend night market


    The Naka Market in Phuket Town is an exceptional night market. You can buy all sorts of things from foods to clothes to old curiosities. Visit the place in the late afternoon and enjoy taking a look around before the place gets crowded with people at night.


    Bottom line


    Phuket has many things to offer aside from the beautiful beaches. Tropical jungle adventures and a night of cultural entertainment can make your stay in Phuket extra fun.


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