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  • Taking Better Beach Photos on Your Holiday in Phuket

    You’re walking along the beach, and you suddenly notice that the water is perfectly lit by the breathtaking Phuket sunset. You whip out your phone at the ready to take a shot. But then disaster strikes—you took your jolly time after taking the photo, only to discover that the shots were too blurry to post online.

    This scenario is, unfortunately, one of the most common issues that most tourists experience when taking photos on a trip. For people traveling to Phuket, in particular, however, photo opportunities are a dime-a-dozen but rarely get capitalized on. When the chance to take a photo of the stunning beach in the right conditions comes up, people tend to mess up the whole thing and take subpar and shaky photos.

    Having a picture of your own of a Phuket beach being dimly lit by a soft, yet vivid sunset is often perceived as one of the best experiences in the area. So, what you want is to capture it perfectly.

    Essential tips to consider
    Taking great photos of Phuket’s beaches at opportune times isn’t as difficult as one might perceive it to be. To make the most out of the photos you take in Phuket, here are a few tips used by the experts:

    Always have a focal point in your pictures
    Having a photo of anything and everything in Phuket isn’t going to mean much if the photo itself doesn’t have a clear subject or focal point. Often associated with meaning, motivation, and purpose, focal points in pictures also help give a photo a sense of fullness and better execution.

    Beaches, in general, have a significant amount of empty space that can hollow a photo out. By taking photos of the beach with a focal point, however, your shots become more engaging and interesting. To give a photo more meaning, set your focal point as any interesting item, person, or structure on the beach and take a good number of shots before changing your focus.

    Use burst mode as much as possible
    As long as you aren’t using an archaic phone to take gorgeous photos of the beach, then chances are that you have a smartphone that has a burst mode feature. Burst shots allow photographers, veterans, and amateurs, to capture vital moments in an area with heaps of activities, such as Phuket’s beaches. By using your phone camera’s burst mode to your advantage, you can capture priceless moments that are worth posting online with ease!

    To use the burst mode feature built into your phone’s camera, just press the button longer until you’re satisfied with the number of consecutive shots that are taken. Instead of having to waste time and miss out on picture-perfect opportunities, you can fire away on burst mode to raise your chances of getting a great photo.

    Photos immortalize the best moments of your life that you will love to relive one day. These two tips can help set you for success when getting the best shots possible along any beach in Phuket. So, make sure you keep them in mind the next time you pay a visit!

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