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  • How to Stay Safe From The Sun at Kamala Beach

    When the sun shines brightly, it’s an indicator that you will surely have a great day at the beach. It means that visitors can stay at the shore without worrying about rain and have fun activities like sunbathing and beach sports. However, it’s no secret that the sun possesses harmful radiation that can inflict severe skin conditions. The depletion of the ozone layer is also not helping to prevent the risks and overexposure the ultraviolet radiation is becoming a significant concern.

    While the complications from UV rays are real, it does not mean that going to the beach is dangerous. Instead, taking certain precautions will help remedy the harmful effects of solar radiation.

    Here are seven ways to enjoy the beach while taking precautions against the hazardous sunlight.

    1. Don’t go to the beach shore at noon

    Unless you have a hut or shade near the shore, avoid staying in open areas from noon to 2 pm because solar radiation is at its strongest during this period. It’s better to stay indoors during this time since heatstroke can be a real threat.

    2. Select the right sunblock

    Sun cream creates a barrier that protects your skin from the harsh effects of the sun. However, not all sunblock variants offer the same protection, and you must consider what’s suitable for your skin. Using a sunscreen that has at least an SPF 30 will help you address intense UVA and UVB rays.

    3. Rub the sunscreen correctly

    Don’t constrict your usage of sunscreen and apply large quantities of it on your skin. Professionals say that adults must use about 35 grams of cream each time they apply sunscreen to cover every inch of their skin.

    4. Cover all parts of the body

    Aside from your skin, your face, eyes, lips, and scalp are also prone to sunburn. Therefore, you can deal with harsh sunlight by using a facial protector and sunglasses for the eyes. Apply lip balm with sunblock capabilities and wear a hat, as well.

    5. Use the cream in advance

    Apply the sunblock at least 20 minutes before heading to the shore. This gives the cream ample time to penetrate the skin to boost its effectiveness. Make sure that you read the instructions on the product label for maximum protection. Follow its recommendation as to how often you should reapply your cream to maintain skin protection.

    6. Use clothes for protection

    Sunscreen can only do so much, which is why clothing provides an additional barrier against UV radiation. Go for shirts and pants that can protect against ultraviolet rays. A quick review of the cloth used will help you determine whether or not it’s resistant to heat.

    7. Drink more water

    Aside from severe skin conditions, sun exposure can lead to dehydration. Therefore, have a steady amount of fluid by your side, especially during hotter days to replenish your body’s liquid content and to regulate body temperature. Otherwise, you will be more susceptible to heatstroke and solar radiation.

    The beach is waiting for you

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