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    You are invited to experience an all pool villa wonderland set in the rainforest of Kamala, Phuket. Keemala embraces a Thai cultural philosophy and brings it to life through distinctive design and guests experiences. The spa treatments, holistic programs, gastronomic choices, activities and magical villas and cottages all promise to be beyond enchanting.
    Keemala is well away from the crowds and overlooking Kamala Village and the Andaman Sea. Positioned in the hills and within the lush woodlands, Keemala offers a retreat from every day life and welcomes you in to an enchanting evergreen wonderland.

    • Carefully curated spa treatments designed to invigorate, rejuvenate, and pamper.
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    We believe guests come to Keemala to pause and unwind from the stresses of modern day living. Mala Spa embraces traditional healing approaches to the body, mind and soul, and integrates these with the best of modern pampering and beautifying regimes.

    Whether you seek inner alignment and balance through massage and healing bodywork, a customised holistic program to deeply renew and refresh a sluggish mind and tired body, or just a rejuvenating, anti-ageing skin treatment, Mala Spa is the perfect sanctuary for your mind, body and soul.

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      • Mala Spa’s Specialised Holistic Therapies:
      • Combine the power of medicinal plants together with the subtle energy of our body in Raindrop Healing therapy
      • Shed away the inches with Holistic Slimming Massage
      • Reconnect and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul with Reiki, a beautiful and effective method of energy healing
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    Mala Spa - Keemala Hotel Phuket


    Upon entering the sanctuary of Mala Spa, each guest will embark on a sacred healing journey. Our spa treatments have been carefully curated to incorporate elements of ocean, earth, fire, air and ether, as well as our own unique Keemala rituals designed by our spa team and inspired by the stories of the Keemala clans and their distinctive way of living.

    All products, including VOYA, Siam Botanicals and SpaRitual are selected based on alignment with the Keemala ethos, and are paraben- and cruelty-free to allow you to unwind fully with a clear conscience.

    • 8 spacious treatment rooms designed for a truly multisensory rejuvenating experience for both individuals and couples.
    • Holistic experiences such as pampering spa massages, anti-ageing skin treatments, and energy healing.
    • Wellbeing Experience offers sauna, steam, aromatherapy bath, and rain showers with exotic fragrances, as well as usage of our ozone-filtered pool and holistic fitness centre.
    Mala Spa - Keemala Hotel Phuket

    We offer guests a complimentary fitness schedule and other activities to keep you in great health.

    Keemala’s Spa offers you a sanctuary to immerse yourself both spiritually and physically. Challenge your mind to completely pay attention to what is really important to you. Focus on your inner energy and work on radiating your newfound confidence to enhance your relationships with your loved ones.

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    A schedule of daily and weekly activities including yoga, meditation, movement therapy, body awareness exercises, nature walks, outdoor TRX and circuit training, aqua fitness, Tai Chi and special visiting classes and regular talks by wellness consultants and practitioners is available. Schedules are always changing depending on availability of visiting consultants. 

    Holistic - Keemala Hotel Phuket


    Many guests that choose to stay at Keemala do so to take time and unravel from the stresses of modern day life. Whether or not you choose to explore the healing therapies, your stay with us will be uplifting and memorable. For those guests who wish to truly immerse themselves then our Holistic Living Retreats are designed for you. We offer four exceptional retreats for guests who wish to purify, energise, unwind, or rejuvenate.

    Holistic - Keemala Hotel Phuket

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    We're excited to show off our beautiful island and culture to you. We believe this is the only way you'll take a piece of Phuket back with you in your heart. There's plenty to do here. Explore underwater life by snorkelling or diving. Immerse in local culture by visiitng one of the many temples and shrines, local markets and Phuket Old Town. As part of your overall wellness focus, we may design cultural trails and nature walks for you to enojy the tranquility of Phuket. 

  • Keemala Exclusive Villas and Resort in Thailand
    Mala Spa
  • Keemala Exclusive Villas and Resort in Thailand
  • Keemala Exclusive Villas and Resort in Thailand
  • Keemala Exclusive Villas and Resort in Thailand
    Mala Spa