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  • 4 Reasons Kamala Should Be on Your Beach Bucket List

    When you schedule a trip to a beach, you often have one main goal in mind—to relax. However, beach trips sometimes become everything but relaxing. One main reason people find themselves stressed out during their beach trip is the number of people who are vacationing at the same time.

    If you are looking for somewhere other than the famous beach towns, where everyone seems to go to unwind, then Kamala Beach is the perfect place for you. Here are four more reasons Phuket’s hidden gem should be your next beach destination.

    1. It offers family-friendly night scenes

    Kamala Beach has Phuket FantaSea, a cultural theme park featuring Fantasy of a Kingdom. The show starts at 9:00 PM and features performances highlighting different regions of the country. At 1,800-2,200 baht per person, it might seem steep, but it includes the show and a buffet dinner.

    Aside from FantaSea, Kamala Beach has restaurants and beach clubs that fit all palates and budgets. The area has the freshest seafood, which is why visitors often make it a point to try the beachside barbeques.

    2. It is more than the usual beach view

    Keemala Resort has a unique advantage. Although it is a four-minute ride away from Kamala Beach, it is tucked away in the hillside and woodlands of Kamala Village and does not have the rows upon rows of hotel structures you would see in other resort towns. When you stay at one of its villas, you will find yourself surrounded by greenery with the expanse of the Andaman Sea before you.

    3. It provides excellent water sport activities for enthusiasts

    Kamala Beach is ideal for surfing because of its high waves. There are also fewer surfers here than on Kata Beach and has big swells reaching up to eight feet. It is overall a beginner-friendly spot; during the low tide, you can choose to swim, snorkel, or do paddleboarding. The part nearest to Keemala Resort and the village is best for beginners, and the area near Phuket FantaSea is more challenging.

    4. It is close to other beaches

    While staying at Keemala Resort, you have access to complimentary transport to and from the facility, which makes visiting other beaches easy. When you want to explore places beyond Kamala, you can head to lively Patong, which is about 20 minutes away, Nai Ton, which is 40 minutes away and is good for sightseeing, and the historic Mai Khao, which you can reach after an hour’s drive through scenic provincial sights.

    Even the picturesque Laem Singh is 10 minutes away by car. You can also travel there by boat, or by paddleboard, if you’re adventurous enough!

    Wrapping up

    Staying in Kamala Beach puts you in a unique position of being away from the crowds but close enough to join in whenever you want. This place has much to offer in terms of activities and can accommodate all visitors––families, solo travelers, or couples. Choose a place that gives you the best options for both exciting and relaxing activities.

    Keemala is a unique resort carved out of hills facing the Andaman Sea. Our villas have some of the most gorgeous views in Phuket, and we have many entertainment facilities, from spas to restaurants. Our front desk personnel are willing to answer your questions about nearby Kamala Beach, as well as other resort towns in the area. Contact us today to book your stay!