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  • Reasons Why Luxury Hotels in Phuket Are Great Value

    The travel industry is continuously evolving and along its growth are the expectations of your everyday traveler. Five-star hotels were once the pinnacle of luxury back in the day, but now vacationers are seeking an experience that gears towards wellness, relaxation, independence, and privacy.

    For that reason, luxury villas have become the new trend as it offers all that and more – from exotic locations, private beach access, bigger rooms, and personal chefs, your weekend getaway will surely be on a new level. To that end, for those who are craving the ultimate vacation away from crowds, expensive food, and the general business a hotel atmosphere brings, check out our reasons why renting a villa may be just for you.

    The Experience You Get from a Villa Is Intimate and Personalized

    Whether you’re an active traveler seeking some adventure or want to spend your days lounging by the poolside, villas can cater to every type of traveler. It offers a level of personalization that hotels can’t match with facilities ranging from spas, saunas, massage rooms, tennis courts, golf putting, table tennis, and even bowling alleys – each villa is unique, and the experience can be customized by the guests according to their tastes.

    For instance, a family-friendly vacation may involve water slides by the pool, a playground, and private beach access for the whole family. On the other hand, if a couple is craving adventure and romance, villas can offer activities such as wine tasting, couple massage, or even dinner by the seaside.

    In that regard, a villa typically offers a delectable multi-course meal, which will surely satisfy your taste buds. It includes a high-end fusion of the villa’s authentic staples, such as seafood, steak, and a list of desserts that will end your night on a sweet note.

    The rooms are a paradise unto themselves, as villas typically have rooms that are considerably bigger than those at hotels. This includes en suite bathrooms, an outdoor terrace where you can unwind with your partner, as well as living and dining rooms. If you’re craving a home-cooked meal, villas also come with a fully-equipped kitchen where families can whip up their mom and pop favorites in a luxurious setting.

    Villas Offer the Ultimate Relaxation

    City life can be strenuous, what with the endless meetings, presentations, interviews, and errands you have to deal with there. On that note, take a well-deserved break with your friends, family, or partner by flying to the coast, where you can regain your inner peace at a villa of your choosing. Similar to hotels, villas include a spa package.

    At the spa, your wellness is the staff’s priority. Unlike hotels, villas are typically private and allow guests to have plenty of space all to themselves. If you’re on the hunt for a place where you can de-stress, villas offer a wide selection of services such as waxing and full-body massages. With that in mind, you can rest assured that they will take good care of you. One thing’s for sure; this ultimate getaway is the perfect time for you to indulge in the things that make you happy.

    The Bottom Line: Villas are Ideal for Families, Couples, and Everything in Between

    Villas offer a variety of lodgings that can cater for couples, families, and everything in between. It has a wide range of offers that you can tailor according to your requirements – from an available list of baby equipment, food choices, bunk beds, game rooms, cinemas, and other things that will keep families and couples entertained for the rest of their stay.

    To that end, a villa feels like finding paradise within a city. It’s not exactly the most adventurous pick for a vacation, but villas are the ideal place to spend quality time with the ones you love as it offers an environment that can support family moments in total relaxation and privacy.

    If you’re looking to come to Phuket and experience the vibrancy of the local markets, Keemala is the perfect place for you. We’re a luxury villa rental in Phuket, get in touch today to see how we can help.