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  • 3 Tips to Practice Swimming Before Going in The Sea in Phuket

    Whether it is summer or not, going to the beach is an excellent way to have fun or relax. You might want to take your vacation up a notch and swim in the deep blue open waters of the sea. However, practice is essential! The last thing you want to happen is to find yourself in a life-threatening situation because you were not ready for the activity.


    Using a Swimming Pool for Practice

    The pool can’t simulate the conditions of a real sea. However, it is still an excellent place for you to hone some of your swimming skills. A swimming pool is a lot more forgiving than the ocean, and any mistakes you make can be quickly corrected here and the right technique put into practice.

    With that said, here are three tips for training your swimming skills in the safety of the pool:



    Open water swimming takes a lot of energy and endurance to accomplish. Think about it, you’re continually paddling to keep yourself up, and you might as well be swimming always to reach the shore. In the swimming pool, you can train your endurance by swimming as many laps as you can without breaks. Thanks to the safety of pools, if you need to rest, you can always stop on the side.


    2.Swimming Straight

    At the pool, there are many points of reference you can utilize, such as the pool lines, the pool wall itself, trees, and so much more. By looking at an object, you allow yourself to gauge how straight you were swimming. Even in a large pool, these things help you assess exactly where you are and exactly where you want to go.

    Can the same be said about the ocean? Not really. At sea, all you’ll ever see in the middle of it is just water stretching for miles in each direction. How do you know if you were swimming straight? Other than perhaps looking at the clouds or even the sun, you really can’t.

    With that in mind, practice by swimming with your eyes closed. That way, you can train yourself to swim in a straight line without the need to use any markers to guide you. It will be great for swimming in open waters. Remember, though, that when you practice, the pool should be empty. Otherwise, you’d be swimming into people and things.


    3.Breathing Technique

    Just as crucial as your swimming skill is the way you breathe while doing it. While you might think it comes naturally, there are some things to be known about breathing while swimming. For example, holding one’s breath while swimming is a mistake. What you want to be doing is to start exhaling slowly the moment you finish taking a breath. That way, you eliminate the buildup of carbon dioxide in the lungs and provide your body with plenty of oxygen.

    What better place to practice breathing, then than in a swimming pool? If you ever get out of breath or need to recover, there’s always a wall to keep you up. Plus, there aren’t the waves to hinder your ability to practice.

    Play it safe and practice first. We know that it is tempting to get out and about right away but always put safety first. Train often and hard in the pool, as the sea isn’t as forgiving as some might perceive it to be. We’re a luxury hotel based on Kamala Beach, get in touch with us today to book your stay.