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  • Reasons Why Phuket is the Best Beach Destination in the World

    Thailand’s beautiful island of Phuket has been one of the most popular tourist attractions in Southeast Asia for a very long time. It boasts 30 beaches, many of them still in pristine condition and have easy access.

    With so many beach resorts in Phuket, it is the place to spend the best holiday vacation. You may be wondering what makes Phuket’s beaches so special? After all, there are many others around the world. This article serves to inform you why Phuket’s beaches are known to be the best in the world.

    World-Class Beaches

    What makes Phuket’s beaches so unique? In truth, it isn’t the beach itself, but its surroundings that make it a paradise. The sea around Phuket’s beaches is excellent for swimming. During high season, the waters are crystal clear, not to mention warm as well. If you’re a surfer, you may not be attracted to this type of water. However, this is where you should be if you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy a nice swim. Even those who are more adventurous will find Phuket an excellent place for exploration.

    Stunning Geography

    Phang Nga Bay, a neighbor to Phuket, offers a stunning view into an other-dimensional world of vertical limestone formations. Phuket, along with many of its neighboring islands, all boast granite boulders standing tall in the ocean, different from those Phang Nga has to offer. Phuket’s location within the Andaman region is one of the most significant factors in turning Phuket from a no-name place to world fame.

    Phuket first received its fame because of its stunning beaches, then to its neighboring islands. Unfortunately, Phuket is losing its roots. As tourism grows, the island paradise is becoming filled with concrete structures with patches of nature here fringing the island. If what once made Phuket so famous is destroyed, what reason would visitors have to come to this once-paradise island? However, all is not lost, as the geography might be what saves the island’s fame.

    “Other Phuket” refers to all neighboring pristine islands that are as beautiful as Phuket itself (and now even more so). Today, Phuket serves as a hub between its myriad of islands that promises any tourists a taste of paradise.

    Stunning Beach Towns

    Phuket isn’t all sands and water, as there is an inland side to it. Accompanying the world-class beaches are stunning beach towns, such as Patong, Kamala, Kata, and many more. Each of these towns promises excellent restaurants, shops, resorts, and bars and makes the island very convenient for those wanting to live off the grid without the struggles of finding necessities.


    All the different islands offer exceptional Thai cuisines, excellent massages, and incredible hospitality that has earned Thailand the nickname “The Land of Smiles.” Phuket is a great example, offering a variety of luxuries expensive and budget-friendly accommodations, to stunning beach towns and beach experiences. Plan your next holiday destination in Phuket. We guarantee you that no matter where you come from, you are going to enjoy your time right here.

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