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    When talking about Phuket, the first things that people tend to think of is the beaches, the nightlife, and perhaps the food. However, other than the gorgeous beaches around the island, the tasty food, and the rocking nightclubs, there is a lot more to Phuket than meets the eye. Listed down below are nine interesting things about Phuket that everyone should know about.

    1. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand
    With an area of 540 square meters, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. In fact, the island is almost the same size as Singapore! It also has its own international airport that offers direct flights to many cities across Asia.

    2. Phuket was known by a different name
    Believe it or not, Phuket is not the original name of the island. In the past where the area wasn’t a tourist destination, people called it “Jungceylon.” The name was a mispronunciation from a Malaysian word: “Tanjung Salang.” Jungceylon is now the name of a large shopping mall in Patong.

    3. Patong Beach is the most hectic
    Patong Beach is the most crowded beach on the whole island. However, most people assume that Patong represents all that Phuket has to offer, which could not be further from the truth. There are other gorgeous beaches that are worth visiting other than Patong, including Surin, Bangtao, and Nai Harn, among others.

    4. Other nearby islands are easily accessible
    There are many nearby islands that are easily accessible and worth checking out if you are visiting Phuket. One of the most notable islands is the James Bond Island, which is located in Phang Nga province. It was given the name when the island was featured in a James Bond movie “The Man With The Golden Gun.” Other accessible islands include Phi Phi Islands, Koh Yao Noi, and the Similan Islands.

    5. Sino-Portuguese architecture is evident in Phuket Town
    Phuket has a rich Sino-Portuguese heritage, which can be reflected in the architecture of the Phuket Old Town, including the mansions. This makes the old town the ideal place for art lovers to travel to. Some notable attractions are Phuket Old Street, Soi Romanee, and the Blue Elephant Restaurant.

    6. Phuket is perfect for wedding and honeymoon
    With its beautiful beaches, gorgeous scenery, and tropical breeze, there is no denying that Phuket is the perfect place for a wedding. Moreover, the island is full of luxury accommodations including private luxury villas and five-star hotels, making it the best destination for a honeymoon as well. This means that couples can both get married and have their honeymoon in Phuket!

    7. Rang Hill is the best viewpoint
    There is one particular spot in the center of the town that has the best viewpoint: Rang Hill, also known as Khao Rang. This spot is located on top of the hill, providing a panoramic view of the ocean and the city. Even better, you can also find a restaurant and cafe in Rang Hill, so you can have some local coffee while soaking in the view.

    8. Riding a motorbike with an umbrella is typical
    When you go to Phuket, you will see that the majority of people travel by motorcycle. Because it rains quite often in Phuket, it isn’t uncommon to see locals riding their motorcycles while someone in the back clutches an umbrella. While it’s clear that driving with an umbrella is dangerous, it is something that Phuket locals have been doing on a regular basis.

    9. Phuket holds one of the most bizarre festivals
    If you’re a fan of bizarre festivals, then you should check the Phuket Vegetarian Festival out. The festival is held in October for nine days. The idea of the event is to honor the nine emperor gods by abstaining from meats and other stimulants. The locals believe that through this, they can gain better health and peace of mind. The highlight of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival is the performances by mediums that are done to summon the gods. Extreme performances include body piercing and fire walking can be witnessed on the ceremony day as well.

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