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    • Carefully curated spa treatments designed to invigorate, rejuvenate, and pamper.


    Visiting Practitioners

    Throughout the year we will receive special visits by world-renowned practitioners who specialise in holistic therapies and traditional healing including sound healing, shiatsu by a world-class master, somato-experiencing and trauma release, traditional Chinese medicine, Mayan traditional massage, holistic acupuncture, aromatherapy, vibrational attunement, and Maori traditional healing to name a few. Click here for the Monthly schedule, Click here for the weekly activities schedule, or sign up for our mailing list.

    • Integrative Thai Bodywork with Nok

      24-Hour Advanced Booking Required

      Integrative Thai Bodywork with Nok

      Experience a deeply rejuvenating, energising, healing and relaxing journey with this artful and profound session. Combining Western methods with Thai traditional healing techniques, Nok, or Cholatee Intachak, customises each session to reflect the physical form, heart and spirit of each guest. The various techniques used include traditional Thai massage, yoga massage, Chi Nei Tsang, aromatherapy massage, Thai herbal oil massage, acupressure, chakra balancing and Pranic Healing. In combination with these techniques, additional tools such as silk, bamboo and crystals may be used to achieve a deep and long lasting result.

      Tok Sen, the Northern Thai practice of rhythmic tapping with a special wooden hammer and wedge combined with Thai acu-points, a healing technique developed by Buddhist Monks centuries ago, can also be applied in this session to create a healing vibration that works deeply through the fascia and muscles in the body.

      Integrative Thai Bodywork with Nok helps to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, migraine, insomnia and pain. It can also help improve mood and a general sense of well being. Moreover, this session facilitates muscle relaxation, improves digestion, breathing, circulation and hormones, enhances physical and mental fitness, strength and flexibility, and cleanses the body, mind and spirit.

      About Cholatee Intachak (Nok)

      Nok is a certified Thai massage therapist and trainer from the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society, Thailand Ministry of Public Health. Nok has always been passionate about massages, yoga, qigong and meditation. However, she only decided to change her career from international transport and business management to massage therapist at the age of 33.

      Nok began her healing work as a volunteer masseuse for people with cancer and paralysis in her hometown in the northern part of Thailand. While working as a therapist and trainer at a luxury resort in Phuket in 2007, she began studying a range of profound healing therapies and energy work. Nok deepened her holistic health knowledge and expertise through work in various wellness-focused resorts in Thailand and the Ananta Spa Chile.