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  • Why Kamala Beach is Phuket Hidden Gem

    Kamala Beach is located on the west coast of Phuket. Unlike most vibrant beaches that are crowded with tourists, Kamala Beach is one of the more peaceful and quiet locations perfect for a relaxing day at the beach. The calming nature of the fishing village in combination with beautiful weather in the sheltered bay is what makes the place so perfect for families and couples. Here are a few more reasons why Kamala Beach might be Phuket’s best beach out of all the others:

    It Has Something to Offer Everyone

    Although Kamala Beach is situated near busy and bustling resort towns such as Paton, Kata, and Bangtao, the beach remains quite peaceful and quiet. Kamala Beach also has something to offer everyone. You can work on getting a sun-kissed tan, snorkel in the bright blue waters, or even rent a stand-up paddleboard to take to the bay. The shallow waters are also ideal for swimmers, and the bay is excellent for surfers between May to October as well.

    You can have the moment to yourself away from the crowds in Kamala Beach. Enjoy beautiful sunsets while taking a romantic stroll along the sparkling shoreline with your significant other. Savor the beautiful surrounding forests by taking a walk through the green area. Stop by one of the beachside restaurants to try some of their refreshing cocktails. For a hearty and fulfilling meal, Kamala Beach also has various beachside restaurants that serve fresh seafood dishes and barbeques. Regardless of what you want to do, there will always be something that you can enjoy here in Kamala Beach.

    The Location is Prime

    The location of Kamala beach merely is perfect. You can get to every Phuket’s most well-known attractions from here. The famous and lively town of Patong is only a short drive away. The iconic Café Del Mar, a renowned beach club from Ibiza, is also nearby the beach. Moreover, it only takes around thirty minutes to get to the airport from here!

    Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

    Most of Phuket’s beaches are filled with massive resort buildings, but not Kamala Beach. The beach has enough shaded areas provided by the surrounding trees. This means that you can choose to bathe under the sun or get away from the heat at your leisure. Again, the best thing about Kamala Beach is the peace and quiet that you can hardly find anywhere else on the island!

    Best Dining Scene

    You cannot leave Kamala Beach without trying their beachside dishes first. These restaurants offer a wide selection of barbeques and seafood fresh from the ocean. For a local, beachside experience, check out Kokosnuss Kamala or Charoen Seafood. If you want a more sophisticated, high-end dining experience, establishments such as Silk, Diavolo, and Plum are some great options as well.

    There are many lively beaches on the island of Phuket. However, if you are searching for a Phuket beach with a more relaxed and laid-back nature, then Kamala Beach is where you want to be!

    Keemala is a luxury villa hotel on Kamala beach. Want a great place to see the sunset? Get in touch today to book your stay!