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  • How to Choose a Luxury Pool Villa In Phuket

    When you’re on vacation, you want to feel relaxed and return to the state of mind that inspires a healthy lifestyle. This is what we call a wellness living, and it’s a lifestyle that can improve your overall health and happiness. In this article, you’ll learn more about wellness lifestyle and how booking a pool villa during your vacation promotes that lifestyle and improves your quality of life.


    What is Wellness?

 Before we move on to the how private pool villas help to achieve all of this, you must first understand what wellness is so that we have a common ground to work on. In short, wellness lifestyle is when you prioritize the peak state of your mental and physical health, and you revolve your daily activities around this concept. When you’re in a space that emits a positive vibe, it helps to promote that lifestyle, and it will make it more likely that you will carry that energy over to your daily life after your vacation is over.

    How do I find a pool villa that inspires the wellness lifestyle? Now you know why you would want to book a pool villa for your next vacation. We recommend that you put Phuket as one of your top picks for a travel destination. The island province in the Southwestern Sea of Thailand is teeming with well-preserved nature, wellness-driven activity groups, and the vibe that’s tailored for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Let’s see how you should go about choosing your private villa that will have the most positive effect on your wellness lifestyle. Here are our six tips for selecting the best pool villa for a wellness lifestyle in Phuket, Thailand:


    1. Quality Interior Design

 It should go without mentioning that a pool villa that promotes wellness living should look nice on the inside. The sense of comfort is founded on the five basic senses: touch, smell, look, taste, and sound. If something in the villa is off regarding the interior design, then it will take away the aesthetic appeal, which will make you feel less comfortable in that space. Attention to detail is everything when it comes to a villa, and we assure you that there are some of them in Phuket that will capture your senses with everything that it has to offer.


    2. Complete-Service

 Exercise and meditation aren’t the only things that you should keep in mind when choosing a private villa, as entertainment and comfort should be on the list of priorities as well. You can’t sustain a wellness lifestyle if you don’t feel like you’re staying in a place that doesn’t welcome you. That’s why you want to make sure that the villa has everything you need to be comfortable. For example, some villas will come equipped with private jet-stream pool, personal chefs, and masseurs. There are a number of villas in Phuket that offer all of these services, and you should look for one that has everything that you need.

    3. Personal Alignment with the Management
 When you’re on vacation, you want to relax your body and mind as much as possible. That won’t be the case if you have to worry about something that goes against your personal beliefs. You want to choose a villa that resonates with you, not only on the surface level but on a more personal and spiritual level as well. For example, an eco-friendly guest may not feel comfortable staying at a villa where the managers don’t show any concern for the environment, regardless of its glamor and luxury. The energy that flows through the place is the most important thing, and that vibe should be laid in the very foundation of the villa itself.


    4. Energizing Activities
 Wellness living is all about having an active lifestyle. Sitting around in your home all day without doing anything isn’t a lifestyle that promotes wellness. That’s why you want to opt for a villa that offers activities so that you can take full advantage of these benefits and restore the sense of connection between your mind and body. Some pool villas in Phuket offer everything – jet skis, yoga sessions, hiking guides, and more! No matter what you’re looking to do, there’s something for you here in Phuket.

    5. Meditation-Positive Vibe
 Meditation is an integral part of the wellness lifestyle; it helps to promote mindfulness and helps you to stay focus on your thoughts and actions. Each person has their own preferred way to meditate, and that’s why you want to choose a villa that resonates with your inner feelings. Some prefer to be on top of a mountain while others like to hear the sound of the crashing waves. Whichever backdrop and scenery you prefer, Phuket is the one place where you can find what you want, thanks to its mountainous island landscape.


    6. The Quality and Style of the Structure
 Lastly, the outside of the villa should be as pretty and welcoming as the inside. Most people think that the outside of the home and the overall structure doesn’t matter as much as the interior, but that’s a common misconception. People see the exterior space before they see the interior, and it’s that first impression that will have a big impact on the overall impression you will have with the villa. The first impression is hard to get rid off, and it will stick with you throughout your entire time in that villa. Everything negative that you experience in the villa may be an extension of that initial negative impression. You will find private villas in Phuket that are designed by some of the best architects in the world. You can be sure that the construction quality and the style of the villa will capture your eye from the very first time you set your eyes upon it.

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