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  • How to Save Money on Hotels in Phuket

    Hotel rates in Phuket can sometimes shoot up astronomically during peak season. However, there are a few tricks and tips that we would like to share with you that can help you save a lot of money. This way, you’ll have some extra pocket money to spend on other activities during your vacation.

    1. Book a Package
    A hotel package includes tours, meals, spa sessions, and much more along with the room. In order to get more customers to avail the packages, hotels usually reduce the room rates by almost 40 to 50 percent. Another advantage of booking packages through hotels is that they ensure safety and quality. So, to utilize your money well, try booking a package instead of just the room.

    2. Book in Advance
    It is advised to book your hotel two to three months in advance to avail cheap rates. Many think booking at the last minute will help them score the best prices because hotels that are unable to get their rooms filled on time offer huge discounts to attract customers. While this might be true for the less popular hotels, the reputable ones would never adopt such a strategy because it would force their customers to wait until the last minute to book their rooms, putting the hotel’s reputation at stake. Also, the rooms in such hotels are booked well in advance, so they do not need to engage in such strategies at all.

    3. Book for October
    If you want great weather and low rates at the same time, make an October booking. October is the last month of the low season, so although hotel rates are still low, the weather is great at that time of the year as well. The skies are clearer, and the rain is almost gone. Visit this lovely island full of sunshine in October, and you are sure to have a great time.

    4. Book From the Hotel Website
    While there are many third-party websites that list hotels and allow you to book rooms, it is best if you book your hotel room in Phuket from the hotel’s website directly. The reason behind this is all hotels own their product, and they are the best judge to determine how much they want to charge for a particular room. Besides, booking directly through a hotel’s website may land you extra perks like free room upgrades, food credits, and more!

    5. Book During the Off-Season
    The peak season in Phuket is from late December to mid-January. This is the time when hotel rates are almost tripled, and the island is in a frenzy. If you’re looking to enjoy a peaceful island vacation without breaking the bank, steer clear of the brutal peak season and book your room any time during the off-season. You’ll get better rates as well as more room on the beach to stretch out and relax!

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