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  • The Holistic Health Benefits of Bathing in the Sea

    Diving into the blue ocean is an experience that not enough people get to enjoy on a regular basis. The mere act of splashing around in the water can evoke feelings of joy where nothing else in the world seems to matter. But did you know that there is much more to be gained from such activities?

    Apart from the obvious leisurely benefits, the ocean’s waters have positive effects on our overall health. It can heal both the body and the mind and can even prevent problems from happening in the future. Continue reading to find out what these holistic benefits are.

    The sea can soothe and strengthen the body

    The ocean has many inherent healing properties and can alleviate a variety of common ailments. This is because seawater is packed with minerals like sodium, magnesium, and calcium, which have positive effects on our skin. They help wash away toxins and dead cells to reveal clearer and smoother skin. Also, these natural substances can relieve itchiness and redness and keep our skin better hydrated.

    People suffering from psoriasis and eczema can take advantage of this fact by simply taking a dip in the ocean. Also, those who suffer from sinus issues or hay fever may also reap the same benefits since saltwater is a common way of irrigating clogged sinuses. Cooler ocean waters can also be used to treat symptoms of certain musculoskeletal diseases naturally as the lower temperatures activate chemicals in the body to reduce chronic pain.

    Not only that, the ocean provides the perfect environment to soak up the sun’s rays, which can boost our immune system and keep our organs healthy. Moreover, swimming in its waters can also improve bodily strength and endurance.

    The ocean can reinvigorate the mind and spirit

    For many people, a visit to the ocean instantly boosts their energy levels and eliminates the stresses of their everyday lives. This common occurrence is actually supported by scientific evidence, where the elements present at the ocean and beach have been linked to a range of positive effects on the mind.

    The prevalent shades of blue that is a common sight around the ocean, for example, have been shown to induce feelings of serenity in many people. The rhythmic sound of waves crashing on the shore can alter brainwaves and have the same relaxing effect. Even the smell of the ocean breeze has been found to contain rejuvenating properties. All these characteristics of the sea can promote the production of mood-boosting chemicals in our brain, which leads to lessened anxieties in most people. The same principle can even be used to address some types of mental illness.

    Additionally, the beach also provides an excellent opportunity to practice meditation techniques as it connects people directly with nature and lets them focus on themselves.

    Wrapping up

    The next time you plan a vacation, keep these points in mind and see if a trip to the beach is possible. As you can see, there is much for you to gain as far as your health and well-being are concerned. We’re a luxury hotel based on Kamala Beach, get in touch with us today to book your stay.