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  • Fun Things to Do at the Beach on a Sunny Day in Phuket

    On days when the sun is shining bright and the wind is a bit crisp, you may find yourself gravitating towards the beach. And a beach day usually means a fun-filled day, since you have a ton of activities that you can do. You have the option to just chill on the sand with a book and a drink in hand, or you can let your imagination fly and do things you usually don’t do when gallivanting across the shore.

    If you’re feeling extra adventurous, here are some activities you can partake in to maximize your time at the beach. After all, it’s not every day that you’re in the presence of crashing waves.

    Play frisbee.

    Hanging out with some friends? Playing frisbee is an activity that everyone in your group can enjoy. It’s the type of sport that will keep you entertained the entire time you play. While you only need two people to start, it would be more exciting if you invite more participants. As you run around catching and throwing the frisbee among your friends, you’re also getting exercise at the same time.

    Take photos.

    Regardless of whether you’re a photographer or not, taking photos at the beach is always an enjoyable activity. You can capture pictures of your friends, the crowd, the beautiful view of the beach, the shells peppered across the shore, and pretty much everything else that you encounter. That way, you can look back at the fun day you spent chilling on the beach when you’re feeling particularly stressed.

    Hold a BBQ party.

    Having a bbq party is one of the coolest things you can do at the beach. Many beaches have grills scattered throughout, making it more convenient for you to host your party. Then again, you can always bring a portable grill with you if there is nothing available.

    Walk and clear your head.

    If you don’t have company, that doesn’t mean that you can no longer enjoy a day at the beach. You can enjoy peace and quiet by walking across the shore and clearing your head as you travel the expanse of the beach. It’s better if you disconnect at this time and practice mindfulness. It will help you reduce stress and relieve yourself of anxieties.

    Go for a swim or run around.

    If you don’t feel like practicing mindfulness, you always have the option to go for a swim and enjoy the waters. It will be a great workout, and you’ll have fun splashing in the waves. You can run across the shore, too, if that’s your thing.

    Make a bonfire.

    If you prefer to have a party at night, instead of holding a BBQ, you can always make a bonfire. You can cook marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Your friends and family can gather ’round the bonfire and exchange stories as you cook.

    There are a multitude of things to do the beach, regardless if you have company or not. If you’d like to enjoy a beach where you can have a unique experience, book a stay with us at our resort in Phuket.