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  • 5 Fun-Filled Beach Family Activities When in Phuket

    From the rhythmic waves to the cool breeze, a beach is a place for everyone to enjoy the wonders of nature with the company of their friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, if you travel to the beach without planning anything further, you may be left wondering what exactly you should do at the beach.

    That said, here are five beach activities that can get you and your family engaged and having fun:

    1. Beach Games

    What better activity to do at the beach – other than swimming – than to play beach games? Whip out a stick and play a few rounds of Tic-Tac-Toe, or think up a few words for a round of Hangman. You can also draw on the ground and see who first can guess the word you have in mind!

    You can even get your hands dirty and build yourself a beach-bowling lane! Smoothen out a path and mold pins out of the sand. Then, grab some rubber bands (or any other bouncy material), make a ball, and see who can get the first strike!

    2. Paint a Picture

    Why not paint a picture or two with the items you collect from the beach? Bring your kids down on a stroll to pick up any beautiful shells, sticks, and stones along the way. Tell them that they’re going to paint a picture with the items they’ve collected. Once they’re done the collecting, sit back and watch as the kids show their artistic talents with beautiful paintings.

    3. Sand-Building

    Kids love a good competition, so instruct them that whoever builds the most creative sand structure will win a chocolate bar! Of course, you can ask them to create the best sandcastle, but there are plenty of things you can do with sands, as well.

    You can even ask one of them to cover your legs with sand and turn you into a beautiful mermaid, or maybe they want to be a mermaid themselves! You can dig a hole in the ground and put them inside waist up with sand and watch who can get themselves out first!

    4. Water Races

    Grab a few buckets and cups, and tell the kids whoever can fill the buckets first with seawater using cups win! In addition to that, you can also grab a few older folks to join in on the game or even create teams to see which side is the best. It’ll give everyone the chance to get their adrenaline pumping and have plenty of fun.

    5. Beach Sports

    If you are going to the beach, you might as well bring a beach ball, football, or any ball to play. Play soccer and score a few goals on dry land or play volleyball in the water. Because of the openness of the beach and the natural soft floor, it will truly be a beautiful place to play a few sports.

    Whatever it is you do, implement the surroundings to your favor. Not only will you give yourself and the kids lots of fun, but it gives them a chance to enjoy the surroundings at the same time well! Also, don’t forget your sunscreen and keep everyone hydrated!

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