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  • 3 Fun Activities You Should Try in Kamala Beach

    If you were to ask any local or regular tourist about traveling to Phuket, they’re most likely going to warn you that anything less than six days is not enough for exploring the entire region. Phuket has such a large density or experiences that it has to be split up into different areas that are sizeable enough to explore thoroughly during a trip.

    For first-timers who are traveling to Phuket, visiting Patong Beach and Phuket Town is almost mandatory. They provide the perfect introduction to the island’s culture and appeal.

    When it comes to repeat visitors, however, traveling to the most famous spots may be useless and irritating at times simply because of the tourist hoards that occupy the area daily. If you’re someone who has traveled to Phuket a handful of times, you might not be too keen on seeing more foreigners than locals. If that’s the case, there’s one area that you should head over to—Kamala.

    Located 15 to 20 minutes north of the tourist-packed Patong Beach, Kamala Beach is a hidden island that is commonly referred to by frequent visitors as the perfect getaway in Phuket. It is characterized by its impeccable three-kilometer white sand beach, crystal clear waters, and picturesque greenery.

    Kamala Beach provides the perfect tropical experience on all levels. The steeped trees and headlands of the area only add more to the “getaway” appeal of Kamala Beach, making it the perfect destination for escaping swarms of tourists.

    Should you find yourself in need of a more relaxing experience for your next trip to Phuket by traveling to Kamala Beach, here are a few things you can do:

    Travel like a local and head over to the main village

    At first glance, the main road that comprises the majority of the main village’s first impression may seem like a cause for a detour because of all the ex-pats hanging at the bars. Although there’s nothing special to see along the main road, it’s best to keep walking until you hit the main village’s winding road that houses more bars, restaurants, and a few shops.

    While the shops in the main village’s winding road may look like a far cry from the supercenters back home, don’t let looks deceive you. They contain some of the finest tailors in all of Thailand. If you’re looking to pick up a few high-quality threads or planning to have a shirt that’s expertly cut to flatter your frame, feel free to approach any store, pick out what you want, and pay.

    Try your hand at surfing and SUP boarding

    While the beach itself may be Kamala’s main attraction, there’s a lot more to do in the water and sand during your visit than lie down and watch the waves crash and the sunset. If you have an adrenaline junkie in you that needs an adventure fix, you’re in luck because Kamala is home to a few surfing and SUP boarding shops.

    The best times to go surfing in Kamala are the months of May through October, while the timid months of November through April are perfect for SUP boarding.

    Go lawn bowling with the locals

    Aside from watersports and custom-fit silk shirts, Kamala Beach is also home to several professional and amateur lawn bowlers that play for the Kamala Lawn Bowling Club. The Kamala Lawn Bowling Club holds regular tournaments and sessions that are open to non-members as well, making it a must-try open-invite activity.

    Kamala Beach provides the perfect beach getaway experience for regular tourists who seek a local lifestyle far away from the tourist-packed destinations of Phuket. Above are just a few of the different activities that you can enjoy during your visit to the island. Jot them down on your must-do list of activities for the best experience possible!

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