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    • Step out of Keemala, embrace the beauty of nearby islands, and explore hidden gems of Phuket's old town.

    Phuket Island offers a plethora of enriching activity and experiences for everyone. We're proud to have completely unique experiences designed by our team who originate from Phuket. Allow us to show you the real sights of Phuket; we'll introduce you to our extended family who will make you feel at home on our island. We have tours to explore stunning islands with magnificent snorkelling and we also have our own heritage tour of Phuket. 

    Keemala does not encourage or sell tours to see animals that have been taken from the wild. We have a strong policy that aims to preserve Thailand's wild animals and not to exploit them for entertainment, this includes elephant riding, shows that use animals, visits to tiger petting establishments, snake shows, dolphin shows and we advise guests to not have photos taken with endangered species such as the slow loris who are heavily exploited in Thailand. We have two resident water buffaloes who were rescued that enjoy keeping our grass in order and do not be surprised to see some beautiful birds around Keemala as well as our goats, peacocks and ducks!  If you're really lucky you might meet the odd cat looking for some fuss, we might be luxury, but we are still in Thailand and we care for our animals at Keemala. 

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    • Some experiences we love to share with you are:
      • Visiting local temples and giving alms to the monks
      • Taking in the sights, scents and sounds at a local market
      • Non-exploitative interaction with elephants at The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary or further afield you might see wild elephants in Khao Sok National Park
      • Enjoy a day out in Phang Nga Bay with the pioneer of eco-tourism in Phuket, John Gray 
      • Indulge in a decadent private tour by luxury speedboat
      • Take a walk in Phuket Old Town and immerse in the hustle and bustle of Thai life.
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    • Phuket Town

      Phuket Town

      Not only does the town offer great bars and restaurants it has nooks and crannies that are for locals only that you'll catch a glimpse of.

    • Scuba Diving

      Take in the beauty of life aquatic in the Andaman Sea. A trip out to nearby islands may feature leopard sharks and sometimes manta rays.

    • Rum Distillery

      Visit the island's only manufacturer of international standard rum and learn how this popular drink is made.

    Revel in the distinctive sights, sounds and scent of an early morning fresh market, or catch the sunrise by giving alms to local monks and visiting a Buddhist temple. Phuket is a colourful medley of culture and we will take you there.

    • Phang Nga

      Phang Nga

      Immerse in the beauty of the limestone carsts, caves and diverse fauna and marine life. Learn about mangroves and enjoy a relaxing day out.

    • Tee Off

      Phuket has several world-class resort golf courses. Enjoy time on the green and improve your game. We also may arrange classes if you require.

    • Thai Boxing

      Are you a fitness lover? Have you tried Muay Thai? It is an amazing workout and a real lesson in discipline and respect. Be prepared to sweat.

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