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  • 5 Exciting Beach Activities in Phuket

    There are many ways you can go out to enjoying the wonders of nature. From exploring vibrant corals to trekking in lush jungles, memories and experiences are forged, which will never be forgotten. The way to enjoy what Mother Nature has in store is to have a visit to the beach!

    If you’re planning to head to Phuket for your next beach vacation, we’ve got just the list of things to do for you! Here are five exciting activities in Phuket that will bring you closer to nature and to your family and friends:

    1. Bicycling
    Cycling can be done almost anywhere—roads, trails, parks, and many others. However, only a few of these places can come close to the joys of biking next to the ocean, especially if done with your loved one. Together, you will enjoy the fresh sea air, cool calm breeze, and tranquil clear waters, not to mention the sand and coconut trees that fill the area. Biking around can also bring you closer to local life as you watch people complete their daily routines. Enhance your relaxing biking experience and stop by a local restaurant and share a snack or two.

    2. Beach BBQ
    Arguably the best part of the day is BBQ time on the beach! There is nothing compared to munching on fresh seafood BBQ while enjoying the incredible aura of the beach with its cool breeze and clear seas. If you need more seafood, the locals will be more than happy to provide fresh ingredients from the fisherman’s village.

    3. Snorkeling
    If you’re tired of staying on land, it might be time for you to explore the underwater world! Strap your gear on and dive into a wonderland filled with colorful fishes and vibrant coral reefs. There is certainly so much to see, and we wouldn’t blame you if you think you’ve just been transported to an entirely new planet filled with beauty and grace.

    4. Squid Fishing
    If you’re looking for something to do after sunset, it’s time to go hunting! Hop into a squid fishing boat and learn from the locals as they train you to become a pro squid hunter. Catching, cleaning, and cooking squid is just half the fun. The other half is in being on the ocean and staring into the starry night sky.

    5. Beach Volleyball
    Of the many beach sports, beach volleyball is one that you have to play. With its soft sands, the beach is the perfect place to enjoy physical activities, especially if you’ve brought kids with you. Make that dive and save the ball, then laugh away with your face smothered with soft, powdery sand. Share the excitement and invite other people over for a round or two. You’ll make new friends and, hopefully, ones that’ll last.

    Your time in Phuket will be well spent with the many activities available. From swimming to biking, to sports and relaxing, there is something to keep everyone busy. Bring along your loved one, your family and friends, or just yourself on your next vacation to a beautiful beach in Phuket.

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