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  • 3 Ways to Spice up the Energy of Your Beach Party

    As opposed to packed nights at the club that easily make for uncomfortable experiences or awkward gatherings with strangers, partying at the beach almost always leads to a great time!

    Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with beach parties: the soothing sounds of beach that complement your conversation, cool breezes that keep everyone comfortable, and a beautiful sunset to bring it all together—what’s not to love about the experience? It might go without saying that a beach party is already a whole load of fun on its own, but you can always make so much more out of it with a few tweaks here and there.

    Three ways to make the most out of your beach party

    Regardless of whether you’re hosting a birthday, reunion, or engagement, here are three different ways that can help you can maximize the fun of a beach party:

    1. Book your stay at an accommodation that can help you out

    Nothing can truly bring the best out of your beach party than an extra set of hands that are skilled enough to masterfully put everything together. The best way to do this is with the dedicated staff at the hotel of your choice!

    From your choice of drinks to the exact spot on the beach where you plan your celebration, the right accommodation provider can take care of the nitty-gritty of your beach party with their expertise and dedicated team members. For instance, the folks over at Keemala can help you piece together your entire party plan by the beach with a wide range of packages to choose from long before you’re set to arrive with your guests!

    2. If there’s a fruit in season, make sure everyone has one as well

    Out of all the different ways that you can help the summer mood kick in with ease, keeping the tropical vibe stronger than ever with a whole set of in-season fruits for everyone to enjoy will definitely do the trick! Whether it might be a whole bunch of sweet and refreshing coconuts, some tasty tamarind, or watermelons, rambutans, and bananas, having a wide selection of fruits at the party can make all the difference in spicing it up.

    3. Put a beach playlist together for everyone to enjoy

    Aside from the sound of waves crashing and people chatting, the only sounds you should hear during a party on the beach are the right songs to set the mood. This is what makes it important to come up with a beach playlist!

    Before you head to the beach, it’s essential that you start putting the entire playlist together so that you have enough to curate the entire set while making a few well-thought calls on removing or adding any other tracks. By putting a playlist of beach-appropriate hits from the ’80s, ‘90s, and the early 2000s together for your party, you’ll be able to put everyone on a celebratory mood that’s never going to wear off even in the wee hours of the following morning.

    Final words

    Taking the necessary steps in planning your upcoming beach party and putting the right pieces of advice into play can make a significant difference in how well your entire event can come together. Should you find yourself in need of a beach resort that can help with successfully planning the perfect party for all your guests to enjoy, get in touch with Phuket’s finest over at Keemala today!