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  • The 4 Best Beaches in Phuket for Surfers

    If you’re looking to go surfing in Phuket, there are a few reminders that you should know beforehand. The first is that the surfing conditions there are far from the best in the world. If you’re someone looking for the perfect wave to ride, the chances of you finding it there are, unfortunately, not that great.

    That isn’t to say, however, that surfing on the island can’t be fun or challenging. In fact, Phuket is arguably the best place in Thailand to surf, with its modern amenities, world-class beaches, and many different spots on the island to catch some waves.

    In this article, we’ll go over four of those surfing spots, and determine how they all present unique surfing opportunities for all. Let’s get started!

    1. Kata beach

    Considered as the most popular surfing spot on the island, Kata beach is one of the most crowded surfing spots on this list. The waves here are suitable for all levels of skill, and there are plenty of attractions in the area to keep everyone busy. You can also find a FlowRider here in Phuket Surf House, an artificial wave surfing venue that offers the same levels of fun in a more controlled setting.

    2. Kamala beach

    Kamala beach can be divided into three parts with all varying degrees of challenge for surfers. The south end which extends from the temple to the village is a good place for beginners. The central part of the beach by the resorts are more suited to intermediate surfers, while the northern end of the beach where the current is strongest offers up a challenge to even the most experienced surfers.

    3. Kalim beach

    Kalim beach is more suited towards intermediate to advanced surfers due to the relatively taller waves that are found there. The beach itself isn’t that long so there won’t be as many differences in difficulty level between various parts of the shore. However, do exercise caution when surfing here as the area is quite rocky and corals or other hazards may be exposed over the surface of the water during low tide.

    4. Surin beach

    With some of the heaviest waves and strongest currents on the island, Surin is the most thrilling spot In Phuket for experienced surfers. Sandbanks occasionally form in the northern and middle portions of the beach allowing for shorter waves. The beach is sandy at the bottom so landings shouldn’t be too dangerous, but do keep in mind that the small rock formation in the center of the beach should be avoided.

    Wrapping up

    There are several other surfing spots you might want to check out, such as Nai Harn and Bangtao, but the ones we listed above are what we believe are the best options. If you’d like to try surfing in Phuket, you’ll find everything you need right at the biggest beaches – from surfing classes to board rental shops. You might even get a chance to watch a few surfing competitions and learn from the pros. Finally, remember that the best times to surf in Phuket are in the low season from May to October. We’re a luxury hotel based on Kamala Beach, get in touch with us today to book your stay.