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  • 6 Things Beach Lovers in Phuket Can Relate To

    There are just so many reasons to love the beach. From its peaceful aura to its stunning vistas, the beach is like a paradise you can escape into to take a break from the chaos of life and, instead, fill your time with peace and tranquility. Of course, for others out there, the beach can also mean plenty of exciting activities, such as surfing, diving, playing beach sports, and so much more.

    With that said, whether you love the beach for its beautiful setting or the exciting adventures, here are five things you can relate to:

    1. You Love the Sun

    Sitting in your room while watching the TV or completing your tasks just doesn’t cut it for you. You’d instead tie on your shoes or put on your slippers and head outside.

    At the beach, you love to walk around, enjoying the views and soaking up that sunshine to warm your body and soul. You also take the chance to lie down under the clear sky to get that perfect tan you’ve always been wanting. You love the feeling of lounging around at the beach with your favorite drink and snack, enjoying the sounds of the beach and the warmth of the sun.

    2. You Enjoy Chilling

    Chilling is the name of your game. You live to relax, and there is no better place you can do this than the beach. If you could, you’d probably be lounging around in your pajamas on the beach. That’s just how chill you are.

    You’ll be sitting on the sands, having your messy hair blown all over by the cool winds, and the only makeup you’ll ever wear is some lip balm. At the beach, you don’t have to worry about anything either, other than getting up occasionally to find yourself some delicious food and drinks.

    3. You Love the Feeling of Sand

    While others might go on and on about how much they hate sand getting everywhere, you talk about how awesome it feels to the touch. You rave on and on about how great sand feels under your feet as you sink into the soft and fine grains.

    Of course, you’re aware that on a hot, sunny day, the sand can be quite painful to walk on. That could be why you keep running on the beach barefooted, trying to get to the cool waters of the ocean. Despite the heat, nothing is stopping you from loving the sand.

    4. Your Favorite Season is Summer

    You don’t need to be a beach lover to love the summer. Not only is the weather great at that time, but you’re allowed to wear outfits that show off how awesome and sexy you are.

    With that, summer is just a symbol of fun. When you think about summer, you think about a campout with friends and family sitting by a bonfire and enjoying s’mores. Of course, you’re a beach lover, and you can do the same right there. Whatever you end up doing in the summer, your best memories are most likely going to be from this beautiful season.

    Bottom Line

    Every beach lover out there praises the beaches for all it has to offer. From its amazingly soft sand to the stunningly clear sea, the beach is just the perfect place where anyone can have a relaxing time. With that said, if you’re thinking about where to go for your next holiday, you need to have it near a beach to make the most out of your vacation. We’re a luxury hotel based on Kamala Beach, get in touch with us today to book your stay.