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  • A Globetrotting Yoga is Guide to Beach Yoga Session

    The idea of having fun at the beach is one that is often associated with images of a bright summer sun, beach balls, fine white sand, and calm waves. However, did you know that you can have fun on the beach with the help of yoga as well?

    Why yoga and the beach are a perfect match

    For as long as humans could possibly remember, the idea of doing yoga at the beach has been regarded as the perfect combination. Each wave crashing moves along with every part of a standard vinyasa flow, the gentle sea breeze works well enough to keep a tight crow position in place, and the smell of the sea, sun, flora, and sand make for a Shavasana that’s one to remember.

    Aside from the fact that the beach essentially sets the perfect environment for staying attune to one’s overall self, the atmosphere of a sandy shoreline alone helps boost energy and shift your positive vibes into overdrive, easily make for a perfect session.

    Beyond relaxation — how yoga at the beach can help improve your health

    As obvious as it may be that yoga at the beach is the perfect way to unwind and set your mind on the right path towards being a better person, know that it’s also great for losing weight.

    Regardless of whether you’re looking for a more holistic weight loss experience or needing to look lean for your beach pictures, there’s no denying the fact that a beach yoga session is good for your body. Throughout every chaturanga, vinyasa flow, and downward dog, a yoga experience by the beach can help transform your entire body and keep it healthier one move, hold, and session at a time.

    The minimum number of yoga sessions you should do during a beach trip

    An important factor to consider when going over the entire topic of numbers is that the number of prescribed yoga sessions can vary depending on several factors:

    • The amount of time that you have during the trip (whether it might be a three-day, five-day, or seven-day trip)
    • The experience you have with yoga itself (beginner, amateur, intermediate, near-yogi, and actual yogi levels)
    • The availability of yoga classes that your accommodation has (for example, Keemala’s three-night “Energise” holistic retreat comes with three sessions, and the six-night “Rejuvenate” option comes with two sessions)

    Based on each one of the factors mentioned above, the entire expected yoga tally that you’ll have for your trip is entirely up to what you feel like experiencing and how many opportunities you have!

    Poses to watch out for

    Throughout your entire beach yoga experience, you’ll be able to do at least 30 different positions that each have their own effects across various parts of your body. Beach sessions, for the most part, include a few key yoga positions that help unwind the mind and strengthen the body, such as:

    • The Warrior II Pose
    • The Chair Pose
    • The Four-Limbed Staff Pose
    • The Boat Pose


    With the help of a much-needed beach yoga experience, you can elevate your relaxation experience even further and set your body up with what it truly needs in terms of holistic fitness!

    If you’re headed to Phuket’s famed Kathu District and are set on having the best beach yoga experience you’ll ever have in your entire life, then get in touch with Keemala to find out more about our Holistic Retreat packages, we’re a resort of Phuket that provides a relaxing atmosphere to refresh.