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  • 6 Reasons to Ditch the 5-Star Hotel and Opt for a Luxury Villa

    There was a time when staying in a 5-star property was a luxury that most people craved for. In this day and age, however, the travel industry is changing, and so are the mindsets of the travellers. People now prefer more relaxed vacations where luxury is important, but so are privacy, wellness, and independence. Luxury villas have a host of goodies to offer to their guests like access to a private beach, surrounding exotic locations, personal chefs, and more. But if you are still confused about what to choose, here are a list of benefits that clearly show that luxury villas undoubtedly triumph over hotel rooms at any given day and time.

    1. Need for Space Luxury villas are usually bigger than the largest hotel suite you will ever find. A luxury villa has extended living spaces like fully-equipped open kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, elegant bathrooms, and even outdoor pavilions like lounges, swimming pools, and more. Some even have game rooms and media rooms! Think about reclining peacefully on a daybed in a well-manicured tropical garden enjoying the cool breeze with no one to disturb you, or enjoying a hot shower in a bath that overlooks the sea. That’s a luxury no 5-star hotel can provide you, no matter how much you are willing to pay.

    2. So Much Privacy Our second and most important point is privacy. A luxury villa is like your own home. The only difference is that there are no neighbours on the other side of the wall and you do not have to share your space with other travellers, like you would in a hotel. When you book to stay in a villa, you have a whole property to yourself, with guaranteed peace and serenity. Not even the pool or gym is shared. So, live life like you please on your holiday!

    3. A Personalized Stay The level of personalization offered at luxury villas is entirely unmatched. Unlike hotels, you do not have to worry about meal timings and worry about the buffet food getting cold. You can do everything at your own sweet time. Luxury villas are available to suit different tastes. If you prefer seclusion and tranquility, choose a luxury villa at a secluded spot. If you’re booking for a family trip, select one that has bunk beds and media rooms. Whatever your taste, there’s probably a luxury villa out there that has just what you are looking for.

    4. Easy on The Pocket Booking a villa can be extremely cost-effective, whether you are booking for two or ten. That being said, the more people you bring along, the cheaper it gets. But irrespective of the number of people, the rates are often more affordable than a 5-star hotel. And with facilities like a full kitchen, laundry, swimming pool, and gym, you’ll find that the amount you spend is more than worth it. You’ll also be able to save significantly on food, drink and other activities. Imagine grabbing an exclusive property with first-class private facilities for as low as $100 per couple! It’s difficult to grab such a deal on hotels, don’t you think?

    5. A Happy Tummy When eating at a hotel, the food can get boring because more often than not, the menu does not change and you end up eating out. In a luxury villa, however, you can cook your own food or enjoy the luxury of a chef preparing a feast for you based on your preferences. If you have special dietary requirements or are a picky eater, this can be extremely helpful.

    6. Stay in Exotic Locations While hotels can be found in all corners of a vacation destination, villas are usually set in incredible well-thought out locations that offer breathtaking views. You can find a villa in the midst of a rural paradise, in a jungle, atop a hill, or before a beach. You name it, and there is a villa for it. Villas are often situated in secluded locations, a comfortable distance away from the tourist trail and the noise and pollution of a city. Enjoy your stay waking up to a lovely sunrise and spend the night in total relaxation night watching the stars with a glass of wine in your hand.

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