• 5 Reasons to Go on a Pre-Wedding Honeymoon With Your Fiance

    Tradition leads you to believe that there is a strict wedding timeline you must follow. First comes the engagement, then comes the wedding, and finally, it’s time for the honeymoon. However, modern couples now exercise a lot more freedom in every phase of their relationships. While some love the thought of a week-long self-indulgent luxury vacation to reward stressful wedding preparations, others are now opting for pre-wedding honeymoons—also known as “funnymoons”—instead.

    Wondering why a growing number of couples are choosing to go on honeymoons during their engagement instead of after the wedding? Here are five reasons


    Boost the pre-wedding romance

    If you have been planning your own nuptials or helping a friend plan theirs, you know how much time and hard work goes into a wedding. There are times when the pressure and stress make couples forget their reason to get married in the first place. To put it simply, wedding preparations can strain the romance in a relationship.

    Gone are the slow summer nights spent with your loved one enjoying a romantic candle-lit dinner on the beach. Instead, you will be attending appointments left and right and making important decisions. A pre-wedding vacation is a perfect way to boost that romance factor once again. Doing so will allow you and your lover to focus on nothing but each other before the big day.


    De-stress before the big day

    Wedding planning can be a major pain. From booking the venue and caterer to planning the seating, the list of to-do’s is endless. Just by looking at it can be overwhelming! A pre-wedding honeymoon is a great way to take your mind off the anxieties and pre-wedding jitters. Make a point of turning off both of your phones. Disconnect from all topics relating to the wedding during the trip. Use this opportunity to de-stress and enjoy the moments you have to spend with each one another


    Deepen the bond

    The connection you have with your fiance is undeniably strong. However, a pre-wedding honeymoon can further solidify that bond. Vacations have been proven to create strong connections between family and friends. Even strangers can form meaningful connections as they experience a whole new world together. Such memories will only reinforce that bond before you say “I do”.


    To practice for the honeymoon

    Pre-honeymooning is especially great for couples who have never traveled alone together before. By investing in a pre-wedding vacation, you will have the opportunity to learn more things about each other—preferences, dislikes, habits, and more. After the wedding, during the actual honeymoon, there is no turning back—you can never run away from what lies ahead. A pre-wedding honeymoon gives you the chance to learn more about each other. Who would do anything for the window seat? Who needs a travel itinerary planned down to the minute and who prefers to go with the flow? As they say, one way to know if you are really compatible is spending day and night together without wanting to kill each other.


    Experience serious gratitude

    There’s no doubt that you love and care for your soon-to-be-spouse. That said, a pre-wedding vacation will amplify those feelings. Seeing new corners of the world and experiencing different cultures will not only deepen your bond but also make you feel more grateful for all the blessings you have received. Traveling always makes people feel grateful. Whether it’s for the home you can enjoy back home or the opportunity to experience new things, you will get the chance to think about what you appreciate. As you embark on a new journey, a trip together will make you feel thankful that you have each other—and that with this marriage, you will now be facing life’s challenges together.


    Go book that trip now!

    Your pre-wedding honeymoon does not have to be luxurious or a round-the-world-trip. In fact, it can be as simple as a staycation at a nearby hotel or a trip to the nearest beach resort out of town! No matter what you choose, remember that this trip will benefit both of you before that big moment comes.

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