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  • 3 Ways to Make the Most Out Of Your Trip to Phuket

    Vacations: used as a way to escape from the drudgery of daily life, it’s no secret that they’re a necessary indulgence for those who work hard day-in and day-out.

    Regardless of whether you’re heading to Ao Nang or Krabi Town, a vacation can help provide a much-needed break before you jump back into the daily routine. When heading into a vacation, most people expect to have the happiest time of their lives—but some travellers end up experiencing a nightmare that will keep them up at night.

    Unfortunately, the truth in travelling is not all people who go on trips end up happy. This is simply because they overlook a few fundamentals to an exciting vacation. For travellers heading to Phuket, in particular, it can be easy to end up spending your whole trip on a short fuse if you fail to plan as well as you should.

    Fortunately, avoiding the threat of a terrible trip can be easily done with the help of a few all-essential tips that will make your entire experience unforgettable. If you’re planning to head out to Phuket for a relaxing vacation, here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

    Do the necessary research weeks or months before heading out

    We’ll say it once, and we’ll say it again: researching and planning is integral to having a successful trip.

    Just like any other destination in the world, Phuket can prove to be quite challenging to navigate if you land without any idea of what to look out for, what to do, and where to go. With the power of the internet, however, you can avoid a full trip by brushing up on everything and anything you need to know about the island province.

    For instance, if you’re headed over to the Kathu District, then searching up on what tourist attractions to go to, which dishes to try, and how you can make your trip as relaxing as possible will go a long way for overall enjoyment!

    Invest in a proper hotel well worth staying in

    One of the easiest ways to spoil your entire trip is by booking your stay at a run-down hotel that screams “RUN!” before you even enter. As much as many claim that a trip is “all about enjoying the destination and not the hotel you stay in”, the truth is that accommodation plays a pretty significant role in your overall experience.

    Despite the fact you won’t spend most of your active hours during a trip to Phuket in it, booking your stay at a five-star hotel—such as Keemala—can make the entire experience much more enjoyable and worthwhile.

    File for a leave long before you go on vacation

    If there’s any surefire way to ruin a vacation in an instant, it’s by bringing your work along with you—even if you try your hardest to hide your work laptop and phone under a lavish duvet.

    For many workaholics, spending some time away from work duties during a vacation can be difficult. That said, it’s absolutely essential given how bad a burnout can get when not attended to properly. Once you finally book your trip dates and make your reservations, file for a leave right away, clear your work schedule on that day, and don’t leave an alternate number you can be bothered on—it’s as simple as that!


    Making the most out of your trip to Phuket and avoiding the possibility of a terrible trip is all about taking the right steps towards making the entire trip much more memorable and avoiding potential mistakes along the way. By following the three tips mentioned above, you can avoid any potential pitfalls or bumps in the road during your trip and make it an experience you’ll never forget!